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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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cindy: tracking hermine -- so watch is posted along the coastline. what you can expect as it heads north. antoinette: plus the potential impact for visitors and businesses on the cape. doug: and an arrest in mattapan. makes mother teresa a saint. the ceremony and her connection with the boston catholic community. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. antoinette: as we begin the 10:00 hour, we are tracking hermine, the storm heading our way slowly but surely and gaining strength as it turns over the warm ocean water. but we still have some nice
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doug: we have cindy fitzgibbon in with us this morning. and the clouds. cindy: not so bad just yet. still a lot of sunshine and we will enjoy this for the next several hours, but as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, the clouds will advance in. in the 60's, holding your 70's as the wind picks up from northeast. 15 and 20 miles an hour, but they will only get stronger as we had toward this evening. we have a tropical storm watch and warnings south of there. by tomorrow afternoon, jumping a little bit toward the north and west. from there, it lists more northward and goes by for the
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it goes northward, it is running into high pressure and is slowing everything down. not too much wave action just yet. rough surf and along the coast line, we can expect wind gusts late tonight early tomorrow of 40 to 50 miles an hour. antoinette: way up the coast, it is a -- it is expected to impact our weather. a lot of people on the keeper wondering should i stay or should i go? doug: meteorologist is down and, this morning with a plan to ride this one out. what a beautiful labor day morning it is down there. reporter: anyone who decided to
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to the sunday morning. a lot of folks here along the beach this developed in the past hour or so and plenty of folks gathering a little bit of sunshine out there before the effects again to be felt tonight. we have had an awesome morning with very little in the way of activity in terms of swells or waves. we did talk to a couple of people at one says ' mother nature has to bring. >> it is just a wait and see game. to say you're going to have a big storm and not -- i think it is just a wait and see game. reporter: and wait and see, we absolutely will. i'm still seeing a lot of the steamship authority votes
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martha's vineyard. those boats operating as normal. make sure you do call ahead if you have plans to go to the island or from the island back to cape cod. antoinette: a different story down south with cleanup underway in north carolina. this was the scene from kill devil hills. the focus is on the cleanup and getting the r doug: the storm is gaining strength as it continues to make its way north. millions are still at risk. reporter: hermine has lost its hurricane force but is going up the coast as a post tropical style -- post tropical cyclone. the 60 mile per hour winds are
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>> it was like an explosion in my backyard. everything went up in the air and round. reporter: making a holiday washout for many would-be vacationers. sandbags were as close as some people got to the shore. this beach was closed, but the boardwalk was packed as some tried to salvage a last blast of summer. behind a trail of destruction, forcing hundreds of thousands to make do without electricity. >> we made coffee and had hard-boiled eggs. >> it is really frustrating, especially when you feel trapped and there is no power. >> i've had more than enough. reporter: hermine is expected to
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expect storm surges of between three and five feet and significant coastal flooding. antoinette: -- doug: you can track hermine on our apple or on antoinette: breaking details in our newsroom -- the suspect wanted in a deadly hit and run in mattapan is under arrest. a woman was struck as she crossed the area near moreton and canterbury street. anthony buchanan of a few hours later and is facing several charges, including motor vehicle homicide weld drunk. the victim is a 46-year-old boston woman who died at the scene. doug: a massive fire in roslindale under investigation. no one was hurt at this home. the fire starting at midnight and growing to three alarms.
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recovering after she was burned after falling into a fire pit. this happened last night at a home on brindle wrote. firefighters call the incident an accident. did a vinci say the adults acted quickly to stop the burns by putting the girl in a bathtub of cool water. antoinette: trage died after a horse riding accident. the gore -- the girl was taking part in the writing club when she was thrown from the horse. she was responding but died from her injuries. many people were left stunned and heartbroken. >> nothing seemed to have startled horse. a lot of people were around and witnessed it and were extremely
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age are not being released. the writing club says the show will continue. doug: police are searching for two people involved in armed robbery on west mountain street. the dems say they were about to get into two cars. one suspect was armed with a gun, and forced the woman to the ground. at the vatican where pope francis has declared mother teresa a saint. doug: the event injury people from all over the world. mother teresa known for her selfless dedication to the poor and needy. the none left a lasting compressed -- lasting impression
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i remember meeting her. i had a very powerful moment with mother teresa. she took me in and held my face with her hands and i felt this energy go through me and i was not expecting it. it was pretty powerful. antoinette: a significant earthquake rocks the midwest. doug: the quake in six states. the cleanup underway there this morning. cindy: the impact drought conditions are having on the local apple crop and sunshine out there right now, but that is going to change as hermine inches northward. i will have the timeline on when the winds pick up in the rain arrives. doug: will this arrive in the coming hours? this storm kicking up the surf
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antoinette: tracking hermine this holiday weekend. still moving up the coast and is expected to get stronger as it is spinning over the atlantic.
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destruction. doug: a close call for an elderly veteran in florida. a huge tree crash while he was sleeping inside. he was left covered head to toe in debris as the feeling caved in. >> i was asleep, i woke up and it was all over with. >> lucky don't even describe what i feel. doug: cuts and bruises. his home escaped and is entirely off its foundation. it might be a loss. antoinette: the trees are still a concern. cindy: we know how dry it has been. not going to take as much as wind as you would usually find to do some damage. gus that 40 or 50 miles an hour
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that's a lot of blue skies. absolutely. you will notice the wind picking up with the center of hermine still south of our area but the wind field is expanding as it loses its tropical characteristic and the expanding winfield has gust that extend out more than 200 miles and are st bit. we are going to the brakes on this as it slows down and turns to the north and goes northwest a little bit. up over 80 degrees to the mid-atlantic. by tomorrow afternoon, when speeds are up by 10 miles an hour and it's shifting toward the north and west.
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had this much closer to the new jersey coast line. this is staying far enough out in the atlantic because it's just sitting here drifting northward, pushing up the water and creating high surf. by tuesday night, it's still to the south and by thursday it serves to get a kick out of here. by tonight and gus at 32 50 miles an hour, but the rain holds off until tomorrow. 65 right now in worcester. 70 in boston. the winds are starting to freshen up a little bit along the coastline. that will hold temperatures about where they are at the
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in but the storm to our south running into this area of high pressure. a tropical storm watch up and further south, tropical storm warnings that go all the way down into virginia. you can see as hermine slowly lifts northward, the that will get closer to 10 foot to 15 foot seas and there could be minor surge of a foot or two. you can see how the wind increases overnight. elsewhere, the wind is picking up even closer into boston and the winds are with us throughout the day on labor day. in terms of everyday, holding
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but during lunchtime, here come these bands of rain. not a solid shield of rain for everyone but ends of rain periodically into tomorrow night and the main -- the rain may linger as it pulls out of the area. elsewhere, talking less than an inch of a rain. periodic showers and a high surf through the midweek. then back to some warmer temperatures, back into the low to mid 80's and feeling like summertime still by the end of the week. doug: 10:17 on this sunday morning. antoinette: terrifying moments in southern california where it elderly driver lost control setting off a chain reaction crash. four people were seriously hurt
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the car plowed into a parked police cruiser, pushing it into several people who are having a picnic. doug: president obama is in china for the g20 summit meeting with the new british prime minister and addressing the syrian conflict in the fight against isis. he says u.s. and russian negotiators are working around the clock to strike a deal to decrease violence in syria. after the union representing police officers threaten to boycott the san francisco 49ers home games. yesterday, we told you officers are usually patrol those games are angry with colin kaepernick's decision to not stand during -- antoinette: cleanup underway
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oklahoma was felt across six other states. other buildings were damaged but none collapsed. the quake was centered near pawnee where older buildings buckled. it did not cause significant damage partly because of the hard rock under the region and no one was hurt. it may be slim pickings as farmers struggle with the extreme drought ac n some farms are not offering apple picking at all, choosing instead to bring their apples directly to market. the bay state crop will be 15% to 20% below average and before the drought, and seasonably warm temperatures in february and march were affecting the crop. his background was in science but his hobby with candy and now a local man has combined those
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successful and sweet venture made in massachusetts. reporter: there's something about the site of liquid caravelle pouring out of a copper part -- copper pot that just makes you feel good. jason mccrea is the owner of mcrae's candy. the self-proclaimed nerd biologist understands the chemical complexities of how things are made. >> this is caravelle. it's probably 15 minutes away from being done. reporter: he realized that keeping it simple is best. >> no artificial reservists. just real straightforward ingredients. reporter: the idea of becoming the candy man became a reality after he started making caramels for his teachers.
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was a challenge to manage the growth. reporter: with flavors like dark roasted mocha and ginger fusion, these are not your grandmother's caramels. >> i hear a lot of people say i don't like carmel and then they try hours and say this is different. specialty food item as well as a gift item. it crosses over. reporter: it has turned into a made in mass success story. >> it looks great, but how does it taste? doug: and then there is the big
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the odds. doug: the physical challenges that could have kept him off the field and how he went over the coaches and made the team. antoinette: and we go back out live to falmouth this morning. a great morning for a swim. conditions are changing over the next few days as hermine moves closer. cindy has your forecast after this. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste.
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cindy: looking live over boston, few q millis clouds starting to crop up. temperatures close to 70 degrees. we will hold close to 70's but hermine sitting about 300 miles to the south. sunshine increasing cloud cover. just a mindful -- reminder that there's a moderate to high risk for rip currents not just today but as we go through the next couple of days, the wind will be picking up to 40 to 50 miles an hour where tropical storm watches are up. your seven-day forecast is just ahead. doug: we have some inverse --
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damon hodges has two prosthetic legs and he has proved to everyone at his school in youngstown, ohio that he belongs on the gridiron. it did take some convincing, but his talent and determination won him a spot on the roster. >> when i was born, they told me i would not walk, but i'm doing everything they told me i couldn't do. >> you think you have a bad day, he just gets wants to play football. antoinette: that's a young man we can all look up to. doug: thinking you can do something is a great motivator. antoinette: thieves create a bump along the plymouth lobster crawl. doug: what police know about the men suspected of stealing it. we will check in again with aj. turning out to be a beautiful
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end of it as we continue this
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cindy: a sunny start to your sunday, but hermine will bring some changes. the areas that will eventually see some rain. reporter: folks in falmouth during the last few hours of sunshine before hermine serves
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doug: an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run in mattapan. what we know about the driver. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: is sunday morning as we continue to work through the labor day weekend. antoinette: in with us this morning and we have been talking about the coastal concerns for hermine, but what about the people just want to barbecue and sit by the pool? cindy: it will get a little windy later year -- later today, but we could get some rain later today and tomorrow. you can see the track is on
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this is slow to get here and slow to leave. a tropical storm watch, and you can see the official track on the hurricane center does find this strengthening, but this is a nontropical system. just a strong storm and it does push north and west toward the coast line. from here, northward into monday night and eventually thursday, but this will be in our hair for the next several days. temperatures are running close to 70 degrees. increasing clouds, but it is the wind you are going to notice. 16 to 20 and gusting at the coast line but the winds will
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hermine gradually lifts north in our direction. plan on the wind ticking up by tonight with gusts up to 40 or 50 miles lower. we will timeout when the rain gets here. antoinette: there is now a tropical storm watch for the coast of cape cod as we wait to see what hermine will do next. doug: kpi in falmouth is a.j. burnett where it has been a lovely sunday morning. reporter: there may be a tropical storm watch but all people are doing along the beaches watching the water and sun. hopefully not watching the sun because that can be dangerous but there are a lot of folks on the beach enjoying the last few hours of sunshine before hermine begins to have more of an impact. we talked to a woman today who
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school. >> i plan on leaving tomorrow because my kids cert school on tuesday. but we are looking forward to seeing what the storm is going to bring. reporter: right now, the water is not much to speak of with some gentle swells coming on and earlier this morning, my photographer took a dip of to the ankles and told me the water is warmer than it was on the this is not the kind of air mass you expect to have, it's very dry and right. usually it is warm and humid, so this will be one of those interesting storms to watch over the next couple of days. doug: thank you very much. we are following breaking news out of that a pan. antoinette: a 46-year-old woman
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morton and canterbury streets last night. the alledge it driver, anthony buchanan, took off after the crash but turned himself in. he's facing charges including motor vehicle homicide while operating a vehicle under the influence. doug: boston official saying no one was hurt his home on washington street. it quickly grew to three alarms. antoinette: a tea fell into a fire pit. firefighters say this was an accident. doug: a manhunt continues for a man wanted for allegedly stabbing his own teenage son. police say they have a pretty good lead in this case. reporter: searchers with dogs headed into the woods and they lease helicopter buzzed overhead.
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looking for brent young who they say live that this house with his girlfriend. >> they started getting into more and more verbal arguments. reporter: the girlfriend's sister says the argument escalated and young tried to strangle her till his 16-year-old son and her 15-year-old son intervened. >> they fought him off and he ended up going in the house and coming out with a knind reporter: the sun and girlfriend went to the hospital. both are expected to survive. he went in with a self-inflicted stab wound to the neck. >> does he have any skills to stay in the woods? >> not that i know of. he's more of a yuppie type. reporter: police came to this gas station after receiving a
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>> we have no idea which direction he went in. reporter: they are looking at surveillance video to see if they can provide the next clue. doug: a deadly crash in concord remains under investigation. the 59-year-old woman died at the hospital. her car went off the road at 7:30 yesterday morning and hit a tree. police do not believe speed or alcohol was a factor. antoinette: criticism, donald trump pitches his campaign directly to african-american voters. he attended a service in detroit and has been under fire for focusing on problems in the african-american community while addressing predominately white crowds. yesterday, trump focused on economic change. mr. trump: i fully understand the american -- the african american community has suffered from discrimination there are
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made right. they will be made right. antoinette: the church says the invitation for trump to speak was not an endorsement. former rival ben carson was with him and then took him on a tour of his neighborhood. mike pence plans to release his tax returns in the next week. the gop vice presidential candidate stopping by a tailgate for ohio state university. he made the trump says he plans to release his returns when his past audit is completed. bernie sanders pulls his first solo campaign for hillary clinton. he will be in lebanon, new hampshire, tomorrow. doug: police are looking for a man seen taking money from a tip jar. this was at ely's diner.
10:38 am
about 10:15 at night. if you recognize the guy, give lease a call. antoinette: police investigating several cases of vandalism across town they found a church tagged with her feeding friday morning. the globe reports this morning that the church is holding a prayer service. police say if you have any tips to give them a call. doug: a theft investigation going on in plymouth. it's a 150 pound lobster sculpture taken early saturday morning. it was just unveiled as part of the chamber of commerce lobster crawl. the vandals who took it rip it up from its base and left behind rogan shards of faster and tile. the community is rallying around the artist, offering to donate
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on the cape. a lifeguard sported -- spotted a shark about 150 yards from shore. the shark conservancy app reports lifeguards also sent out an alert. we are following breaking news in mattapan this morning. doug: and run. also a scare at a carnival ride where several people were hurt when the ride malfunctions. the operator error that since several people to the hospital. cindy: hermine is a post tropical storm bud the winds are strong and lifting toward us. when the rain overrides, just ahead. antoinette: back live to
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case as
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vote no on question 2. doug: we continue to track
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the storm slowing down off the mid-atlantic coast after pounding to carolinas and virginia coast. the storm is expected to get stronger as it did then spends in the atlantic. antoinette: a scare on a ride at a carnival in meant this. at least eight people are recovering after the spinning ride malfunctioned. but it is a mistake the operator made that could have made it worse. he to whatever they could grab. >> everybody started falling. i was trying to hold on and it just slid. antoinette: fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. the company that has maintained the right has checked it out but it will be out of service until the buttons used to release the
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5 forecast with cindy fitzgibbon. doug: a lot of people are enjoying this holiday, but it's more of a nor'easter than a hurricane. cindy: 80 mile-per-hour winds and now it is what is called a post tropical storm. doug: are we still calling it hermine? cindy: we are but it does not have that si we are starting to see some wins ticking up along the coastline and look where the center of this thing is. when you go from the center, they are tropical storm force winds go out about 200 miles. this is a large storm sitting over this warm water and that's
10:45 am
systems and may allow it to strengthen. the hurricane center is doing just that, strengthening to winds of 70 miles an hour. you can see where it is headed toward the north and shifting toward the west. it's going to stay farther out in the atlantic, but still heading north and as it does so, it will get closer to us as we get into labor day and that will lo there will be some beach erosion. you can only get so close but it will be tuesday, wednesday or thursday before we finally get this thing out of here. you can expect them later today and there will be rain coming in but not until tomorrow.
10:46 am
there and the wind out of the northeast. doesn't feel like there's a tropical system and you can see the wind gusting close to 30 where the temperature is 69 degrees. upper 60's now through orange and we may climb into the upper 70's. along the coastline, the temperatures will be held back a bit. the difference between the high and the low also getting some wind. that tropical storm watch only for the immediate south coast cape and out in the waters here, it's a tropical storm warning as our system is building underneath us. those building waves will drift northward and as we get poured
10:47 am
, a bit of a storm surge and there could be a one or two foot surge along the coast. by this evening, the gusts from nantucket up to 60 miles an hour. the wind feels strong and is windy for everyone as we go through labor day. overnight, we have clouds and not much rain yet. the first dance come in during afternoon. these bands of moisture pivot in off the ocean. not going to be tuesday or wednesday. this will kick out in the week. hermine will be lingering through wednesday and thereafter, we will hit the
10:48 am
the 80's. doug: the athletics must hate playing the red sox because they had another stellar night out there in oakland. the sox scoring seven runs during that ended -- during that inning. capping it off with a shot off the wall. sox up by night at this time. the 11-2. 10:48 right now. "chronicle" is looking for clarity this morning. antoinette: it is new hampshire hospital newfound lake that tops the list. reporter: the lake is ring fed
10:49 am
the spot is to hop on the eco-tours. >> by the mid-1800s, there were no trees on this hillside. reporter: the water is deep and cold and one of the few big lakes free of invasive weeds thanks to the volunteers who check the incoming reporter: boats. reporter:there were some pretty lofty claims cleanest lake in the world. is it true? we couldn't help but wonder if some of these claims were all wet. numerical rankings and rural legends aside, boyd smith says the water is exceptionally clear because it's encircled by 100
10:50 am
98% undeveloped and most of that is forest. the force acts as a filter to clean the water up. reporter: he offers to put the lake to the test and measure water clarity. using an aqua scope, my job is to report when i lose sight. it dropped a four -- a full 25 feet before it antoinette: tomorrow, fighting parkinson's and crossing borders and the way to a masked students mine. life changes are doing good tomorrow on "chronicle." doug: the driver wanted in a deadly hit and run is under
10:51 am
hermine. a live report coming up from aj has grabbed the trunk and is headed in for a swim. we will get enough on the water
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antoinette: a tropical storm watch as hermine gained strength and heads to new england. doug: all eyes are on this storm.
10:54 am
except blue skies and a little wind certain ticking up. the storm center is 300 miles down to the south but the tropical storm force winds extend up to 200 miles south. it's going to take some time but things will gradually go downhill and certainly into your labor day tomorrow, in the meantime, folks are enjoying the last few hours of sunshine before things start going downhill. antoinette: we are following breaking news in mattapan where state police have made an arrest in a deadly hit and run. a 46-year-old woman was hit by a car as she crossed morton and canterbury. the alleged driver, anthony buchanan, took off after the
10:55 am
motor vehicle homicide while driving under the influence. doug: a three alarm fire under investigation in roslindale. no one was hurt at this home. five adults were displaced. antoinette: a two-year-old girl is recovering from burns after she fell into a fire pit. suffered what appeared to be second and third degree earns. doug: police are looking for this man, wanted for allegedly stabbing his own teenage son. he was fighting with his girlfriend and tried to strangle her. his son tried to intervene and then young stabbed his son and he ran off into the woods. antoinette: a historic morning at the vatican where the pope has declared mother teresa a
10:56 am
square is the pope canonized her. mother teresa known for her selfless dedication to the poor and needy. she died in 1997. pope francis blessing one of the dogs involved in the rescues after the ugly earthquake in italy. doug: the pope shaking the cost of leo. the dog getting most of the attention. antoinette: i can't imagine why. doug: things are changing for tomorrow. cindy: the wind will be the biggest impact. we do have tropical storm watches along the south coast and this is where the wind will be strongest.
10:57 am
and west. it's not going to take as much wind to ring down the branches, so we are concerned with that. clouds and showers and then see you, hermine. doug: you can get a few more
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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ed:ed: good morning, everyone. it is time to go "on the record." >> there will be no amnesty. ed: donald trump again doubling down on his immigration overhaul. the republican giving a primary speech in a general election. will this work? >> take more than trying to make up for europe insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. ed: democrat hillary clinton dismisses trumps diplomacy as unfit ability continues to rise. and the question on two, on whether to raise the cap on charter schools. >> today's newsmakers are going


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